Friday, 24 February 2012

Additional features

Well, unfortunately we were pulled out of peer review again but it appears to be a blessing after all! We put the game up in playtest as per the last time we were pulled and have had two people playtest Lemmy in quick succession! Both made some valid suggestions and we have now set about implementing them. D is currently working on a new feature, a mini guide of how to play the game which you can pick up in game. We've also changed the jump/land animation within the game as several people had commented on the fact that you couldn't immediately jump after landing! The weeks in between putting the game back up for peer review have proven to be incredibly valuable :)
On a non-work related topic D and I went to see 'The Woman in Black' last week. It was very good. We both like a ghost story and Harry Potter, I mean Daniel Radcliffe, held the film up really well. I'd highly recommend it! We also bought a game on Steam on the cheap called 'Killing Floor'. Basically you're in a team and you kill lots of zombies. There are lots of different maps, lots of baddies and lots of guns! It is immensely fun!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well, decided to put the game in playtest after all as we've had to wait longer than originally expected to put it back up for peer review. Unfortunately we haven't had anyone playtest it yet and are due to take it down on Tuesday for peer review so it hasn't thus far been as beneficial as we had hoped. We have playtested 4 games so far and D is doing our 5th as I type. Interesting mixture in lots of different stages of the process! Again it's nice to help out fellow developers and offer suggestions.
Had a bit of  a disaster yesterday with our car. It was snowing and we skidded across the road. Fortunately it was fairly quiet and there was nothing coming the other way. It has now transpired however that there is something wrong with our brakes, you can tell when they start to make a clunking sound like they are being dragged across the road, so a trip to the garage is in order. Not the best timing as we are looking to move house soon but I'm hoping it won't be too costly...No snow today though, in fact you'd never know that it had been snowing at all! Alas our cat was all too aware that it was snowing and therefore proceeded to literally crap where she ate!! Just goes to show how alien snow is to the UK when your cat is afraid of it...then again, our cat is a bit of a wuss :)