Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Another update!

Well the great news is we have now finished putting together the levels. What remains to be done is decorating the last few and finished the level script for each. We are hoping to have the game up in playtest by the weekend. We didn't do that initially with Lemmy Lizard which is partly where we went wrong. This time round no friends or family are testing, only strangers/fellow developers who have always been very helpful and willing to give advice where needed. The AppHub is indeed a vital part of the process!
It would be nice for the game to do better than the last but one can never tell. I think that's one of the hardest parts of the game development: constantly asking yourself whether it'll be all worth it, whether this game will be more successful...especially as your last game was not so much!! Once playtest is done and any tweaking implemented it'll be peer review time and then the sales begin...hopefully! What a delightful Christmas present that would be :)
On another note entirely D and I have both been playing Halo 4 everyday since it came out. We are currently making our way through the co-op campaign on Heroic which is proving very exciting indeed. Better than ever I'd say! I'm definitely getting more enjoyment out of the deathmatch than I did last time, maybe because I'm getting better at it this time round as oppose to sucking constantly. I'm not saying we are master assassins but any improvement is good improvement, right?! We have also been playing all of the chapters in the Spartan Ops Mode although we haven't yet started Episode 2 that came out recently. I don't personally enjoy those as much as the war games or campaign but they are cool if you only have time to have a quick bash on Halo rather than a 2-3 hour sesh!
Anyway for me next month means Lego Lord of the Rings so I don't know where that will leave Halo 4 but I imagine I'll find time for both. I haven't yet finished Lego Batman 2 and D is still working his way through Dishonored so Halo certainly does have an effect!
Obviously Exploding Imp takes priority but you've got to play games to make a game, right?!