Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Exploding soon...

Haven't updated the blog in a while as life seems to get in the way! We've had birthdays, a family wedding and a broken exhaust pipe...and that was only the last week!
Regarding Imp D is putting the finishing touches to the enemies and I have been finding suitable sound effects before we sit down together and design the remainder of the levels. As I've said before we are only doing  about 20 levels this time round so we'll have to make each one count.
We've got a lot going on this month ie another wedding, holiday, moving house so there'll be no way we can finish the game this month however we are hoping for a release date at some point next month, October at the latest. I think by Christmas we want to be well into our third game so one can only hope that the second game is a better success than the first! Alas Lemmy was not received as well as hoped and our confidence took an epic bashing, live and learn though!