Thursday, 4 October 2012

Progress report!

Well the past few weeks have been a bit slow going due to an epically exhausting house move! We are only just getting a regular work pattern going with Imp again as well so we have fallen a little behind on any sort of deadline. Nonetheless everything major is pretty much in place bar the levels for Exploding Imp which I have yet to design and implement. When we did Lemmy Lizard the levels were the last port of call and the same has been done this time round also. We've decided on fewer levels this time round, approximately 20, so between us we are expecting to bash them out pretty promptly. Unfortunately life tends to get in the way and there always seems to be some kind of house-related issue to resolve. On top of doing our data entry in order to pay the bills general Imp production has been slightly slower than expected hence the lack of blog update. I waffle enough as it is, no one wants to hear that on a weekly basis!
On a non work-related note I have still been playing a lot of Lego Pirates and D is making his way slowly through Mass Effect 3. We have our eye on Halo 4 and D has pre-ordered Dishonoured (or is it Dishonored?!) so that should see him through until Christmas. I have Lego DC Heroes waiting in the wings so I'm legoed right up!!! And don't get me started on Lego Lord of the Rings! Excitement of immense proportions! We went to see Looper at the weekend also. I would recommend but I'm not sure how impressed D was. I'm not sure I'd rave about it but it's definitely worth a 'Love Film' grab. Gordon-Levitt certainly does a good Bruce Willis (In the non-biblical sense, of course!)
Anyway I'll keep you updated on our progress. Hopefully next time I write Imp will be in Peer Review...One can dream!!

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