Friday, 28 October 2011

Arkham City

25% through Arkham City as of last night! Got a bit stuck on a particularly hard bit and had to give up when it got to 3pm :( Walkthroughs online are the way forward there...
Pleased with progress on the game this week, this week being 'Tweak Week'! I've left the tweaking to D and I've been happily designing more levels. Testing has begun and is ongoing...Playing the same level repeatedly will get a bit tedious I suspect! Have had to do a spot of data entry in between which slows the process slightly but it pays the bills.
D went to Sainsburys this morning to buy 'Battlefield 3'. Another one ticked off the list! The latter part of the year has been a little crazy for games and our gaming calendar is still jam-packed. Skyrim anyone?!
Today will be more levels for me and further tweaking for D! I'm seeing the end in sight :)

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