Monday, 30 January 2012

Peer Review

The game has been in peer review for just under a week now and someone has found our 1st bug :( Good to catch it quick but disappointing all the same. Seems to be fixed now so fingers crossed there'll be no more problems...I must confess this is proving to be one of the hardest parts of the whole game-making process. I know D and I have to be patient but after 9 hard months of gaming we just want it done and out on the marketplace. Luckily App Hub members are very supportive and more than happy to offer suggestions. There's a really nice sense of community. We didn't realise that there was a PlayTest option until the 11th hour so next time we may just put the game straight on there rather than ask our friends to test it.
We have enjoyed peer reviewing other people's games this week also. Knowing that they are in the same situation it's nice to help out. Really cool variety of games up as well! We'll keep you posted about our peer review. We've got to wait a few days now before we can put Lemmy up again, not sure why but hey ho!

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