Friday, 13 April 2012


So now that Lemmy Lizard is out there D and I have been working on our next project & DBP entry! We won't be revealing the title or details of the project just yet and we haven't registered yet either but things are going well. I have been working on the sound effects & music and D has been doing the graphics. We've had a few brainstorming sessions and have learnt an awful lot from making Lemmy so we are pretty hopeful that things will go smoother this time round. Obviously there'll always be some programming to do but a lot of it was done last time round with Lemmy so that'll save a huge amount of time :) This time we are aiming for fewer levels but better content. We're trying to fill the game with humour, colour and loads of fun! We entered DBP last year but didn't get anywhere but still thought we'd give it a go anyway. Previously it really pushed us with regards to how much we got done in the space of time we had & I think we worked so much harder knowing we had a tight deadline. We're hoping to get the game out a month or so after the DBP deadline but you never know with these things. There always seems to be one more thing to do...We'll keep you posted on progress and perhaps even reveal the name of the game at a later date!

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