Friday, 2 December 2011

Levels complete!

We have just officially finished all the levels including the mammoth final one! Testing has been continuous throughout and we are set to ask others to playtest it next week. It's all a bit nerve-wracking! The W8-BEN form is enough to test my nerves as it is! Of course we'll let you know how playtesting goes. Before that though we have to finish testing it ourselves which is proving to be interesting to say the least. Lots of chopping and changing!
D found a really great game on Steam yesterday called 'Terraria'. I would thoroughly recommend it! It's surprisingly addictive though which is often the mark of a good game. D has also been enjoying 'Skyrim' of course...I'm only 3rd level as I've been hardcoring Lego Harry Potter. Our days are currently consisting of data entry, XBox and Lemmy Lizard!
Unfortunately over the past week or so both D and I have been struck down with illness :( Recovering now though but it was a setback to the game! Did my first lot of Christmas shopping today. 4 presents for under £20. Love you Amazon!!

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