Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Great weekend!

Saturday in London was a fantastic day! Got the train up from Bath at about 1pm ish and arrived just before 3. Immediately got lost! Had to buy a guidebook before asking a policeman which tube train to get for the British Museum. Strangely we were told to look for the guys in blue in the underground who knew everything about the tubes! No blue people but 'Assistance' were very helpful! Museum was great and free...although we gave a donation! Brilliant Egyptian section although we didn't have time to get round all of it. Underground ended up being a bit of an adventure in the end. They had shut the majority of the lines due to maintenance which caused a bit of a pickle and police intervention! Overcrowding to the extreme! Leicester Square was overwhelmingly packed as they had shut the square itself for building work! Got lost trying to find the theatre. Turned out it was down a side street! Stewart Lee as always was hilarious. Great venue. All round awesomeness! Had a lovely meal at the Italian next door before heading back to Paddington via the now-open Bakerloo Line. 45 minutes early meant a coffee & hot chocolate before our train arrived! Train journey home wasn't without a drama or two! Jen from The IT crowd appeared to be our train manager, requesting over the intercom for a policeman's presence in Coach H at one point! Delays in Reading as the driver of a train at the platform had decided to wander off rather than drive his train! Overall a wonderful day!
D did some painting on Sunday although Soothing White is apparently code for Grey!! Regarding the game we have found an alternative way of testing for glitches before actually playing the game through. Last week's method had me pulling my hair out! Have also drawn a map of the game (very rough - I'm no Picasso!) so we can keep track of what goes where. Ultimately very handy if you have a lot of levels of different shapes and sizes. Hoping to wrap up the last of the testing this week but anything can happen....

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